Frequently asked questions

Here are some questions frequently asked about STAR for a STAR

Q: I'm A Dentist Or Hygienist. How Can I Volunteer My Services?

A: If you are interested to volunteering in Indianapolis, 3 times a year we have a free screening day and provide everyone with one free voucher for limited dental services. Many of the patients are in need of extractions, restorations or hygiene treatment. You could volunteer in providing those services to those patients, as well as oral hygiene instructions and dental education. If you are wanting to volunteer in short term mission trip you will also be able to provide same services abroad.

Q: Do You Accept Donations Of Used Dental Equipment?

A: Yes we do accept donations of used dental equipment. Sometimes we can purchase items at discounted rate, if finance permits. Donations are always welcomed.

Q: My Employees Don't Have Access To Dental Care. Can You Help Them?

A: We will be able to help your employees. We are networked with Star Dental Clinic and they have discount services for patients that do not have dental insurance if they pay in full the same day of services.

Q: How Do You Support Your Not-For-Profit Activity Financially?

A: We have a variety of fundraising activities. One of our major events is 5k run walk. We also utilize GoFundMe for social media fundraising. Star Dental Clinic donates supplies and finance for majority of activity.

Q: Who Is Eligible To Attend Your Free Clinics?

A: Everyone is eligible to attend free clinic days. Children Adults, Insured, Non-Insured are welcome.

Q: What Do They Need To Bring With Them?

A: Valid picture ID and knowledge of medical history. If you are a child you need to be present with parent or guardian.

Q: Who Conducts Your Women's Workshops And Your Educational Programs?

A: Member for Star for A Star work together to create foundation for the workshop and educational programs. We network with the local women from the community to facilitate events of workshop and teachers for the educational programs.

Q: I'm A Teacher. Do You Accept Used Textbooks?

A: Yes, we accept used and new textbooks.

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